The Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, proven leadership skills and involvement in school and/or community activities.

The scholarship is a renewable entrance award, valued at $17,000 for the first year and $11,000 for each of the next three years. Applicants must be Canadian citizens and be entering the Foundation Year Program at the University of King’s College. Recipients who make satisfactory academic progress will be automatically renewed for the award.

2021 Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships

To apply for this award, please complete the following:

  • the application form* by March 1
  • your high school transcripts by March 1
  • an original essay on the topic below

*Please note: the application forms cannot be filled in on a web browser and then saved. Make sure to download the application form first, and then use an application like the free version of “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” or “Preview” to type in your answers. Alternatively, you can print the forms, handwrite in your answers, scan the completed pages, and email in the files.

To ensure that your information is being properly captured by your device, test it out first: type in an answer in the fillable section, save your changes, close the PDF, and then reopen the file. If your answers have been properly saved, proceed to complete the form. If you have any questions, contact

Original Essay Topic

Some have said “there are no facts, only interpretations.

Write an essay that tries to explain what this controversial notion might mean. It could mean many things in many different contexts and you do not need to take up a strong agree/disagree position in your essay. Use only your own mind to examine the problem. What might lead a person to assert such a claim? Can you think of current or historical situations or debates that would lend weight to one side or the other? Do not do any research to find out what others have said on this topic, though you may engage authors or material you’ve already studied in your discussion, if this helps you to develop your own thinking. The strongest papers will examine the problem from more than one angle, show evidence of creative thinking, and express ideas in clear, structured, and interesting ways.

Use this format for the name of your essay file: [Last Name,First Name]_Essay. For example: Smith,Joe_Essay.